FootBalance Podiatry Treatments


Conveniently located in Green Street, Bath, our fully equipped treatment room offers a comprehensive suite of treatments for all your foot health needs


Katie Cook

HCPC Registered Podiatrist

  • BSC(Hons) degree in Podiatry. Regulated by Health & Care Professions Council
  • Qualified to administer local anaesthetic and prescription-only medication
  • Specialises in the biomechanics of the lower limb and always focuses on her patient's health and wellbeing as the main priority
FootBalance Podiatrist based in Bath
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Treatment Room
Bookings & Appointments
Initial Podiatry Consultation

45 minutes


  • Clinical and biomechanical assessment of the feet and lower limbs
  • Inclusive of 30 minutes treatment / maintenance and recommended follow-up plan


Close-up of FootBalance Podiatrist taking patient details
Close-up of Podiatrist filing hard skin on foot
Routine Foot Maintenance
30 minutes
  • Includes toe nail cutting, areas of hard skin and calluses gently reduced, corn removal, fungal nail, ingrown toenail and verrucae treatment
  • Moisturising foot balm application and foot massage
Podiatry Treatment Plan
6 x 30 minute appointments for the price of 5
SAVE 10% when you pay in advance - £175.50
  • Routine Foot Maintenance and treatment of common foot conditions by our qualified Podiatrist. Plan of six appointments worth £234.
FootBalance analysis to show body alignment

Biomechanical Assessment
45 / 75 minutes
£49 / £79
  • Assessment of the feet and ankle's mechanics
  • Total body alignment assessment & rehabilitation programme (75 mins appointment only)
FootBalance Custom Orthotic Insoles
£125 / £135
  • Custom orthotics to support, balance and cushion your body
  • Moulded, fitted and inclusive of a 20 minute follow-up appointment
FootBalance Custom Orthotic Insoles being fitted to a foot by a Podiatrist
Close-up of Podiatrist assessing feet

Diabetic Annual Assessment
 45 Minutes
  • Comprehensive foot assessment including neurological & vascular testing
  • Routine Foot Maintenance & after-care support

Prendè Podicure
45 minutes
  • A medical pedicure and luxury warm wax therapy, beneficial for arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis & chilblains

Skin care products for feet
Testimonials:  Read what our Treatment Room patients say about our podiatry services:


"Katie's regular foot care always leaves me refreshed and feeling pampered ... walking on air!"

Erika Wood

"The Routine Foot Maintenance is first rate."

Ian Girvan

"Katie was as efficient and professional as always."

Michael Harris

"Very professional diagnosis and treatment and recommendation for footwear and specially built insoles. Thank you."

Peter Webb

"Had a fabulous treatment! My feet look & feel FABULOUS! Thank you." 

Tessa Kirby

"Very efficient and helpful Podiatrist."

P Fleming