FootBalance Custom Insoles support your feet in a natural position, helping your posture and correcting your body alignment. The insoles are dynamic and flex with your feet, returning energy and helping to keep your feet and arches active, healthy and toned. With increased energy underfoot, FootBalance custom insoles provide you with the perfect foundation for performance during your run.

FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles are moulded in store and are available to buy online using our 'Click & Collect' service from one of our FootBalance UK stores. Alternatively, if you've already visited one of our stores for custom insoles and had them 3D scanned, simply use the 'Log-in & Buy' option to reorder.


FootBalance 100% custom insoles for tennis - moulded in store:

  • Increased cushioning on the heel and ball of foot.
  • Ventilation to reduce moisture and allow quick drying.
  • PORON® XRD™ unique protective shield absorbs up to 90% of impact forces, time after time.

FootBalance 100% Impact custom insoles are moulded in store to your unique feet.

They provide superior cushioning for high impact court sports that place strain on your feet and ankles.


FootBalance QuickFit Custom Insoles are ready to wear, as they have a pre-moulded heel cup and arch support.  QuickFit custom insoles are available to buy online and they can also be conveniently custom-moulded at home, using a conventional oven.


FootBalance QuickFit custom insoles for tennis - ready to wear & mould at home:


  • For women's standard to narrow width fitting tennis shoes, we suggest QuickFit Balance Narrow.
  • For wide-fitting women's or standard to narrow width fitting men's tennis shoes, we suggest QuickFit Balance.
  • For wide-fitting men's tennis shoes, we suggest QuickFit Casual.