Merrell Footwear Collection 

The Merrell brand was founded in North America in 1981 by custom cowboy boot maker, Randy Merrell.  He decided to make high quality, longlasting hiking boots which would enable people to enjoy active outdoor adventures without compromise.

Today, the Merrell brand continues to produce innovative outdoor shoes and boots, always with four core values in mind.



Merrell believes that doing what you love should feel good, both mentally and physically.



Women climbing a waterfall in Merrell Shoes



Merrell Active Footwear



Merrell make durable, high-performance shoes and boots that last.  Gear that is built to hold up in the harshest of conditions, over and over again.





Merrell footwear is designed to look, feel and perform right.  Product developers go to great lengths to ensure that form, feel and functionality all come together.
Merrell shoes boots and sandals



Merrell Shoes for all your outdoor adventures



Merrell fits a wide variety of people and purposes - from casual walking, trail running or hiking, to climbing hills and mountains - Merrell's groundbreaking multi-sport technology is always versatile.



Merrell Men's Footwear Collection

Merrell Men's Shoes & Boots

Was £120.00 Now £84.00
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Was £140.00 Now £98.00

Merrell Women's Footwear Collection

Merrell Women's Shoes & Boots

Was £120.00 Now £84.00
Was £120.00 Now £84.00

Was £120.00 Now £96.00
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Was £90.00 Now £45.00