A black and a yellow FootBalance 100% Custom Insole
FootBalance custom insoles

Our insoles support, balance and cushion your body, providing the foundation it requires

Moulded to your unique feet

In store, our 100% custom insoles are moulded to the unique contours of your feet by our expert staff, in under 10 minutes


Staff moulding FootBalance Custom Insoles to feet
Footwear display in store, showing women's shoes and FootBalance Custom Insoles
Insoles for all footwear types

FootBalance custom insoles are designed to fit all types of footwear, providing you with the perfect custom fit. All supported by our 30 Day Comfort Guarantee

3D Custom Insoles now available

Custom Insoles purchased at FootBalance stores are now available to be re-ordered online at footbalanceuk.com, without the need to go back in store. Custom Insoles moulded in store will be 3D-scanned and a unique profile created. Simply log on to footbalanceuk.com, select your preferred Custom Insole style and an identical pair will be delivered directly to you

FootBalance 3D Scanner machine with custom insoles