What the professionals say about us

 FootBalance Custom Insoles are also available at selected medical clinics and prescribed by health professionals across the UK. Read why they recommend FootBalance below


Dr Bharti Rajput MBE | Sole Body Soul


HCPC Podiatrist & Founder of Sole Body Soul

I have been prescribing FootBalance insoles for the past six years and the feedback from my patients has been superb.  The FootBalance system is both highly visual and informative to my patients, enabling them to gain an in-depth understanding of their own foot mechanics and the affect that this has on their posture and alignment. FootBalance has made an extremely positive impact upon my level of patient care

Sole Body Soul, Dundee's multi-award winning foot clinic - www.solebodysoul.com


Jamie Tilley | Celtic Podiatry


HCPC Podiatrist & Director of Celtic Podiatry

I have been working with FootBalance Insoles for the past two years.  In that time, I have seen many patients enjoy the benefits of custom insoles.  The insoles flex with the movement of the foot and are therefore very comfortable and easy to fit in most footwear. FootBalance Custom Insoles help reduce pain for many patients suffering from a variety of foot problems

Celtic Podiatry - www.celticpodiatry.co.uk


What our customers tell us

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"I am writing to express my extreme pleasure in being treated so well by all staff in the Bath shop. In particular, the consideration extended to me when having the foot profile by Jenny. She was extremely helpful & gave a full & interesting explanation of the procedures involved. How nice to be treated so courteously"

F J Cole - Cirencester

"Very helpful & well informed staff at the Bath store. Regional Manager from Ireland was very professional. Knew exactly what to do to provide perfect insoles to help with a neuroma & since, I have had no problems at all. Recommended to friends & family. Fantastic service & I will be a regular customer!"

Louisa Vashti - Bath

"I have noticed a great improvement in my balance since wearing my insoles after only a week..."

Catherine Stokes - Bath

"Last year I suffered problems stemming from foot issues and had non-existent arches, so was advised to get a set of your custom insoles. I have been using them for 6 months and now I have arches!  I am walking a lot better and can only thank you for your genius insoles."

Craig Jones - Somerset

"In the Bath store I received a very warm welcome, was made to feel at ease & got great advice. The analysis is fully explained & an email sent for review later. The insoles are custom made & I immediately felt the difference. I wore mine for the rest of the day with great comfort. Really, really great service from truly nice people."

Karen Gingell - Bath

"I had a chance visit to the Ashford FootBalance outlet. The technician was very helpful in explaining how the insoles help and that the scanning of the posture and ankle alignment showed the affect on whole body alignment."

Barry S - Stirling

"It's been over a week and they're great, I haven't had any foot pain and feel better overall.

I feel like i'm walking taller."

Chris Towsend - Ashford

"I had been to the doctor earlier that week with long-standing aches at different places in one leg, which they believed was cramp.

After wearing my new insoles for two days, the pains and aches in my leg have ceased totally and have not returned.  I'll be telling my doctor next time I see her."

Rob Pearce - Wiltshire

"FootBalance Custom Insoles are fab. I never had them before and the difference they have made is fantastic"

Jayne Adams - Radstock

"FootBalance Custom Insoles are really helping my complicated health problems related to my hip.

I find that they correct my feet position, easing knee and hip pain.  Thank you!"

Catherine Hadaway - Kent

"Really informative sales staff at FootBalance Ashford.  

I love my insoles, they have eased my pain by half!"

Michelle Witchard - Ashford

"FootBalance staff were very helpful and informative.

I have told so many people about FootBalance Custom Insoles and how they have made a tremendous difference to my daily life.

Really, really pleased with them."

Marlene Tooker

"FootBalance Custom Insoles are excellent; they have made a huge difference to my on-going back pain.

I've had back pain for the past 18 months or so since injuring my back (prolapsed disc). First time since then i've been practically pain free."

Lorraine Lucas - Shepton Mallet

"Staff were very good and explained what they were doing and why.

The insoles are great, helped my husband with his sore foot and also my insoles have helped me improve the way that I walk."

Margaret N - Montrose

"Very impressed with all the information and good service I received.

Very comfortable and helping my back pain."

Audrey Fermor - Ashford